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Lesson 1

Introduction to Site Speed

What is site speed? In the first lesson, we start by defining site speed, why it's important, and why store owners in particular should care. Hint: the answer is "money".

When an online store takes longer than expected to load, 45.4% are less likely to make a purchase.

Lesson 2

Measuring Your Site Speed

Site speed can be measured in many different ways, but they're not all equally important. In this lesson, I break down the most important site speed metrics, what they mean, and how you can measure them for your store right now. I finish with a set of benchmarks you can use to assess how your store's speed measures up.

Lesson 3

Optimizing Media

Media – that is, images, animations, and videos – are probably the thing slowing down your site the most. But how can you make a beautiful, high-converting store without them? In this lesson, I show how you don't have to choose between fast and beautiful, by showing you practical techniques for making your site perform better without sacrificing its look.

Lesson 4

Optimizing JavaScript

If you're like most store owners, you're probably relying on a lot of JavaScript. It powers everything from the analytics you use behind the scenes to the interactive elements on the store itself. But, byte for byte, JavaScript contributes the most to slow down a site. In this lesson, I show how you can mitigate this slowdown without losing the functionality you rely on.

Lesson 5

Site Speed Beyond the Numbers

If you've been following along, you'll probably be able to compare your site speed metrics before and after your optimizations and see big improvements. But site speed isn't all about the numbers: sometimes more important than how fast your site is, is how fast it feels to the user. This lesson gives actionable advice making your site feel faster than it actually is.

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