Blazing fast websites for specialty ecommerce brands.

38% of visitors would rather leave than wait 5 seconds for your page to load, according to Pingdom.

If your site loads slowly, your customers are leaving before they've even seen your products. Long load times lead to higher bounce rates, lower conversion rates, and more expensive advertising. A slow site is costing you money.

About Me

Colin Gorrie.

Hi! I'm Colin Gorrie. I want to make the web a faster place. I'm fighting back against bloated sites and sluggish stores.

Pumpkinseed.io is a company of one: one independent developer in Hamilton, Ontario (City of Waterfalls!). When we work together, you're just working with me: there's no offshore team. More about me.

What I Believe In

  1. Measurable outcomes. The results I'll achieve aren't fuzzy or subjective. They're hard numbers that translate into more money for your business.
  2. No-surprise, fixed pricing. I don't bill by the hour, so you know exactly how big your investment will be upfront.
  3. Specializing. This is not a jack-of-all-trades firm. I'm focused on making sites load faster, not on a billion other things.

What I Do

Performance Audit

USD 500

When your store isn't converting the way you want, I'll give you a report full of actionable advice to push its performance to the next level yourself.

Performance Optimization

USD 2000–4000

If you need a helping hand in making your store perform at its best, I'll bring out the best results you can get without a full rewrite.

Custom Store Development

from USD 6000

I will build and set up a new store for you from the ground up to get truly world-class results in performance and conversion.


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    Colin did an amazing job transferring Free Period Press's website to Shopify's platform. He was professional, timely, and responsive to feedback. I'll definitely be calling him again for any other projects that come up.

    Lora DiFranco

    Founder, Free Period Press

Reserve a Consultation

This is a structured, 30-minute call that I guarantee you'll get something out of, even if we don't end up working together.