I want to make the web a faster place

Colin Gorrie.

Hi, I'm Colin Gorrie and welcome to Pumpkinseed.io.

I'm a software developer, linguist, and entrepreneur. I started building stuff for the internet as a kid: if by any chance you came across the Geocities site I had circa 1998 where I'd send you a custom hamster gif if you emailed me, I'm truly sorry (not sorry). Later on, I grew up, and the internet grew up too.

But as the internet grew up, it started to get slow, especially over the past few years. I started Pumpkinseed.io in 2013 to build cool stuff on the internet. By 2018, though, I realised that I wanted to be part of the solution to that slow internet, so I started focusing exclusively on making sites fast.

So if you'd like to learn about how you can start speeding up your corner of the internet, book a free consultation below.

Or email me at colin@pumpkinseed.io and I'll send you a hamster gif.

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