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A company website is a machine to bring in leads

But most websites are performing far below their potential. They fail to do the three things a website has to do in order to succeed:

  • Play nicely with Google.
  • Be visually appealing and easy to understand.
  • Be bug-free, lightning fast, and work on all devices.

If you can check all those boxes, your business will see results in the bottom line. You'll see:

More leads

It's a simple equation: the better optimized the website, the more leads come in.

Warmer leads

Leads who come in through a properly optimized website have already received value from your business and are primed to do more with you. This means fewer tire-kickers and a smoother sales process.

Cheaper leads

An optimized website is one of the cheapest sources of leads around, especially when compared to purchasing lists or more traditional advertising. And even if you're paying for leads through Google Ads, you'll pay less if your website is optimized.

More time for everything else

A website is like any other type of automation: it works while you sleep. This means your team's time is freed up for everything else that needs doing.

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Tips by Email

Leave your email for weekly bite-sized tips on making your website into a well-oiled marketing machine.